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As for Iraq being any sort of winner after being stomped on by the U. The United States left without brokering a deal between the Kurds and the Arab Iraqis, leaving that kettle on full boil. government sitting silently if Germany bombed Poland next week.

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He has been living in Turkey for over a year, having been forced into exile after numerous arrests, threats, heavy censorship of his work and run-ins with Iran’s conservative Revolutionary Guards.

, a love story about two Iranian soldiers during the Iran-Iraq War, is popular in Israel and has been adapted for the stage at Tel Aviv’s Tzavta Theater.

relatively stable democracy that’s trying to work together to lead that country.” Tune into your favorite right-wing blog, and there is lots of mumbo-jumbo about the surge and sacrifices and all that false patriotism stuff that no longer even makes for a good country and western song.

On firmer ground, it is less clear that the United States or Iraq won anything. Iraqi oil output is stuck at pre-war levels and will be for some time.

In short, realists have a generally pessimistic view of international affairs and are wary of efforts to remake the world according to some ideological blueprint, no matter how appealing it might be in the abstract.

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Realists believe military power is essential to preserving a state’s independence and autonomy, but they recognize it is a crude instrument that often produces unintended consequences.

Realists believe nationalism and other local identities are powerful and enduring; states are mostly selfish; altruism is rare; trust is hard to come by; and norms and institutions have a limited impact on what powerful states do.

The United States lost 4474 soldiers (and counting), with thousands more crippled or wounded, spent a couple of trillion dollars that helped wreck our economy at home, and did not get much in return. Only in the sense that one of out of every eight U. A drop in world oil prices would wreck the Iraqi economy. government will sell some military gear to the Iraqis and make some money, but in the end George Bush went to war and all we got was a low-rent dictatorship turned into a low-rent semi-police state.

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