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Added Ravikumar: Once we are back from US we will not only try out the make-up tests but will also see some locations. Saka La, Don't u feel that the last one is not meant for movies like this Let's say they sign some 5 popular MDs. the last I heard was Dasavatharam was to be MDed by ARR. anyway, if indeed it is five MDs, then it has to be... 3)Talking with Indian&International production companies for JV big projects. 4)Basically an artiste who is learning to be business savvy 5)Still a reluctant actor,a technician at heart.

KSR - poet combo asks any of the two MDs to compose the tune for the same song. We do know that Vidya Balan is one of the heroines for Dasaavatharam...Kamal sir has stated that Asin will act with him in the future but not for this movie....

It's nothing I would be holding on too for sad and lonely nights so why should the hubby.

They will be in Los Angeles for nearly a month working with make-up wizard Michael Westmoore and Anil who did Kamals make-up in Indian and Avvai Shanmughi. SAR/Deva I dont think IR, ARR or HR will be interested.... I am glad to see an end to all the rumours of Kamal's movie with Perarasu. Trisha is a very close possibility but not sure yet... I actually hope kamal gives real talented actresses a chance like he always does...

Good morning all, I hope your Friday will be a blessed one and your weekend will be full of GOOD surprises. Is it daily, weekly, monthly - or once in a blue moon to just make sure everything is on the up and up. I can't count on one hand in the 7 years (this September is our anniversary! Why, because he behavior doesn't make me desire to look at who he is calling, texting or whose calling or texting him.

BUT if you are checking your spouses phone ALL-THE-FREAKING-TIME - I would ask myself WHY? Did you do something, so now you think he might be doing something (ummm hummm, gotcha! It's a question to ponder on and do what works for you. Funny story - A friend of mine has a friend whose husband had pick up HER cell phone and started going through it!

Harris has provided music for three of my films Khakka Khakka, Ghajani and now Vaaranum Aayiram and has always provided chartbusters for me.` in the pic: Surya and Tamanna at the press meet. Major outdoor shoots will also be held in Malaysia and South Africa.

In pic: A group photo of Ayan team and guests at the pooja.Well low and behold he found a naked picture of Trey Songz and I have seen that picture - MAN OH MAN is all I have to say! The wife had received the picture via a text from another friend and let the husband know. And even though it was a CELEBRITY, not his co-worker, ex-girlfriend, church member (lol) he still wanted it off.Sooooooo, if your hubby had a naked picture of Beyonce on his phone - would you ask him to remove it. Like I said, I saw the picture of Trey Songz and kept it moving, I didn't save or store it. Married life isn't always easy, but with the right person - It is always worth it. The topic today comes from a good friend of mine, Tosha! Meaning is it ok to grab it while your spouse is right in front of you or while they are in the shower? It's a difference to look through their phone because you are specifically looking for a number of a mutual friend that you might not have in your phone (that's what my husband told me when I walked in the room and he had my phone ;), versus actually picking up the phone with intentions to find something that shouldn't be there (text, photo, email, numbers of another chick, etc.). Or do you just want to know sometimes that he is still doing the right thing? I think my curious (nosey) self is what caused me to look in the first place.This blog is my journey in the mighty married life, showing the good, bad & the great. Is it ever OK to go through your spouse's cell phone? Most of the time - people are only looking because they either want to find something or make sure their worst fear is not reality. I am not saying it is OK or NOT OK to go though their phone. Have I ever found something I didn't like sent by him? You know what.......since the question was asked, I will just answer.... BUT as long as it's ok if he goes through yours sometimes too.It's surprising you aren't more popular since you certainly have the gift.

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