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The app will be made available to the other participating Siyaphumelela universities and they will be able to particularize it to their programmes.It can later be made available to all universities.

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The subject of dating brings with it mixed emotions for architects.

Love is supposedly on the cards for a lucky few, but with all those projects on the go, who has the time for romance in the design world?

Two thugs filmed themselves feeding a hamster Tizer laced with LSD and a cannabis leaf to see how it reacted.

Corey Lee Destrow and his friend Nchinmunya Ntembe were sentenced in January for dosing Mr Chow with the powerful hallucinogenic, but the shocking video has just emerged online.

It’s hard enough finding time to sleep, let alone to find "the one". They have GREAT commitment (they got through architecture school, after all). They’re great at conflict resolution (with the help of lawyers). They know all the best honeymoon spots (the architectural ones, at least).

However, hope persists in the shape of some very creative couples that managed to build not only architectural masterpieces, but also a great relationship together.

Thanks to the Siyaphumelela grant from the Kresge Foundation, the University has been able to commission the development of a smart phone application that can be used from Grade 10 at school to first-year at university.

The app helps learners to identify their preferences and strengths and links the profile to suitable careers.

In it, Destrow and Ntembe, both 22 and from Lancaster, Lancashire, can be heard laughing as they begin drugging the rodent.'This could be the end for Mr Chow.

Or the beginning, we'll soon find out,' one of them says as the hamster starts drinking the Tizer.

The careers then link to specific degree programmes within the University of Pretoria.

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