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The trio will be tackling various subjects, experiments and more that you might encounter when you “go down the rabbit hole of the internet.” Somehow, one of these journeys down the rabbit hole led to the creation of a clip where Tory and Kari are sitting at a table drinking some wine.But it’s not just a normal date night, because Tory is strapped to some wires and Kari is trying to control his arm movements remotely somehow.The three original Mythbusters trio, Grant Imahara, Kari Byron and Tory Belleci comes back to your screens in a new scientific series.

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The new series will air on Netflix and is called the White Rabbit Project.

It is the same angle as Mythbusters except that it dips more into pop culture, history and science.

Metal fabrication will always be a part of my life."And thank goodness for that!

When I was in high school I did a report on movie special effects and in a book I saw a picture of the Millennium Falcon in front of a bluescreen at ILM.

We want to thank them for their tireless work busting almost 1000 myths, and wish them all the best,” said the show.

They also tweeted the following: “We want to thank @Kari Byron @Grant Imahara @Tory Belleci for their tireless work, and wish them all the best.”Check out a video tribute below and you can also see photos of the trio throughout the years here.

The responding officer spoke with Tory and told him to find a career where could put his fascination with explosives to good use.

Belleci credits this officer with setting him straight and speaks highly of him to this day.

Since the original series isn’t around anymore, this might serve as a decent substitute.

After all, there aren’t many science shows like this on the streaming service, or anywhere for that matter.

Today, she puts her talented hands to work helping to improve the oral health of her patients.

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