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Subscribe to the AARP Money Newsletter for more on finances, scams and fraud Did you know that you might be responsible for just the first of fraudulent charges on your credit card, no matter how much gets fraudulently charged?But with a debit card, you could be responsible for up to 0 unless you report the fraudulent activity within two days.

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Often these charges catch out the poorest customers, such as those who dip in and out of a costly overdraft, effectively subsidising those customers who always stay in credit.

However, even shrewd borrowers who are careful to make payments on time can be caught out by the banks.

Personal loan rates dropped to their lowest point in the past two years, but there's a catch.

The best loan rates have plummeted from 7.5pc to 3.8pc in just two years, yet the vast majority of people who apply won't be eligible for the headline rate.Watchdog the Competition and Markets Authority says it is "concerned" about the low levels of customers shopping around, warning of "complex overdraft charges" and "difficulties in making comparisons between banks." For example, the £225 cost of going into overdraft for 21 days, charged by Yorkshire and Clydesdale banks*, surely does not reflect the true cost to the company.The £3 charged for a statement copy by RBS likewise probably only cost the bank a few pence.Telegraph research has established that up to 90pc of borrowers are either rejected for the loan outright, or offered a far higher rate.Four lenders offer personal loans for less than 5pc to new customers borrowing between £7,500 and £10,000.consider them the devil’s best weapon in driving you into insurmountable debt (indeed around 18m people received a default notice on their credit card bill last year), used properly, they could help manage your finances better thanks to interest free periods and balance transfer offers that operate like an interest free loan as long as you play by the rules.

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