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Unfortunately, the postwar years were not kind to the train and it slowly witnessed a series of cutbacks, including loss of its Pullman banner.

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Take in the provencal ambiance in the charming, shady main square and we're sure that you'll be tempted by one of the local gastronomic specialities.

One of the best ways to appreciate the sumptuous landscapes in the area is to take the famous "Train des Pignes" which has its HQ at the Puget-Théniers station.

One particular piece noted the following: " will leave New York at PM, reaching Cleveland at AM, affording passengers the opportunity to dine in New York and breakfast in Cleveland.

This train carries the usual 'Limited' equipment, and reduces the existing running time between New York and and Cleveland by two hours.: (Detroit - Cleveland)New England States: (Chicago - Cleveland - Boston)Ohio State Limited: (New York - Cleveland - Cincinnati)Pacemaker: (New York - Cleveland - Chicago)Southwestern Limited: (New York - St.

When such newfangled technology appeared across the country it drew patrons back to the rails in droves.

, and birth place of Auguste Blanqui (a famous revolutionary from the 1830s), Puget-Théniers plays a strategic role at the joining of the Esteron, Roudoule, and Upper and middle Var valleys.

The "Maison de pays de Puget-Théniers" organises exhibitions, visits, themed days and visits to help you to discover and enrich your knowledge of the natural riches of this extremely beautiful valley.

The village of Rosu is a picturesque place to relax among, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Thanks to its location it offers a wide variety of trips in the area because Puget-Théniers is on the boundary with the Alpes de Haute Provence .

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