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Fairway Canadian Express enjoyed a 15 year, exclusive strategic partnership with Watkins Motor Lines before being acquired by them in 2004 and subsequently sold to Fed Ex in 2006. was born – a financially stable carrier with a commitment to safety and a social conscience that’s steeped in tradition.Today, Fortigo is a privately held Canadian company with dedicated fleet services as its core business. It’s helped make Fortigo one of Canada’s fastest growing dedicated fleet carriers.

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Now it's getting into the long-haul business with a new division called Uber Freight.

The plan builds on Uber's acquisition of Otto, a self-driving trucking company that Uber bought in July for $650 million.

It was born as a result of what I saw lacking elsewhere and it has most certainly set the stage for what is to come.

As I have met other veteran women truck drivers I found that they are nothing like the few I encountered from other organizations who sought only to argue and stalk me around the internet.

Being “REAL” as opposed to unreal is about as plain as I can say it but I wanted to take it one step further by making the word “REAL” an acronym for what the mission is all about. As you become educated on this industry you begin to see that each obstacle has a smiling snake oil salesmen ready to sell you a remedy, it does not take long to see that problems created for drivers are another inner industry which are meant to get every nickel back from you that you worked so hard to make.

L Women In Trucking I wanted to take the time to introduce the web site R. I have also been working on locating other useful links to use for research and employment law information. It becomes a full time job in itself to keep up with it all.

Our company is built upon the values and work ethics that are foundational to family operated businesses; a difference you’ll see the moment you partner with us – just ask any of our customers!

We offer our customers the opportunity of concentrating on their core competency by effectively managing the risk associated with their fleet. Program (Contingency Active Response Execution) is our proactive approach to customer-specific contingency planning, matched with flawless execution.

The broker takes a commission of between 15 and 20%.

It takes a lot of effort to sort the good information from the heaps of garbage on the internet about becoming a truck driver and how to fight back.

The first product from Uber Freight is a marketplace to connect a shipper with a truck, much like the Uber app connects drivers and riders.

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