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It is a very nice case though and offers some protection to the kit inside.

Specifically designed for the outdoor enthusiast in mind - where space is minimal and your aim is to sleep maximum campers per tent.

Easy No-Tool Assembly, thanks to a modular disc system that conveniently fits together, disassembles, and stores in a compact carry bag when not in use Converts to a Bench by simple action, giving you flexible living space and seating by day and a bunk or two single cots by night.

No matter if you are filming with the Hero, Hero 2, 3 or Hero 4 cam, this SP box accommodates your camera. Features I ended up buying this *after* being disappointed with the medium size case. It's hard to complain about the case because the case quality was excellent.

I have quite a lot of sticky mounts, flat and j-hooks, a gopole extension, a suction mount, the floaty backdoor, several skeleton cases, some external microphones and external battery chargers.

Whilst I can fit some of the kit in the bag at one time, It means I have to pick and choose which kit to carry with me - I would rather the "Large" version of this case enable me to carry all of my kit with me...

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