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to check your charges or your change of number), the best solution is to submit your request by clicking the button below.

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They will still charge you for every tone you get, and this is how they make money.

If this happens, you should speak to your provider (like Orange or T-Mobile) and they will be able to get you a number to text, to stop the tones coming through.

You also need to be careful if you download a tone, as sometimes people disguise a virus as a ring tone.

Sometimes companies will keep sending tones to you, even if you don’t want them.

People also spent more time with Facebook services – 51 billion minutes in total, compared with 34 billion minutes on Google-owned sites and apps.

This is particularly poignant given Google executive Bradley Horowitz's recent announcement that Google , its latest ill-fated foray in the social media space, will now "pivot" to focus more on photos and streams (presumably after failing to gather enough momentum to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter).

The successful candidate for this role will have a strong command of the company’s customer service policies, and be well-trained in product knowledge that can be critical for offering quick and accurate assistance to customers. If you put your talkative up beat personality to good use and earn money this is the job for you!

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Online video is also becoming more popular, no surprises there, with more than half of adults (54 per cent) watching TV or video on a computer or mobile in Q1 2015, and 37 per cent having done so in the week before Ofcom's survey was carried out.

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