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Qualatex for this month have the Witches Coven as the recipe of the month that can be downloaded from the Qualatex Event website.

The recipe has a list and product code of all the balloons and accessories required via a PDF download which is free to obtain.

Cri du Chat Syndrome, however, has a special place in my heart, which is why we have a whole page dedicated to it.

In 2001, after a fairytale pregnancy and the easy birth of my first child, I was handed some news that would take me on a very unexpected path. It meant that the short arm of chromosome 5 was damaged. Nobody could really tell me what this meant in terms of her development, but never walking or talking was on the menu, as was a heart condition and immune system weaknesses.

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The importance of concurrent psychological treatments is also now recognised and indeed is being sought by people with ADHD.

Psychological treatment services, therefore, need to develop the understanding and skills required to manage mental health problems related to ADHD.

There are many recipes from previous months to look at and attempt and definitely something to inspire you for your next event or function.

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