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Dalen Parkering på Gardermoen opplevde stor pågang med opptil 500 parkeringer daglig.

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Sessions and browser's tabs May you have noticed when you open your website in two or more tabs in Firefox, Opera, IE 7.0 or use 'Control N' in IE 6.0 to open a new window, it is using the same cookie or is passing the same session id, so the another tab is just a copy of the previous tab.

An opportunity to position a Christian organization as “contemporary and relevant” is how the creators of a series of ads for U. Christian dating site Christian Connection describe their new “Christians make better lovers” campaign.

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The series of three outdoor ads, breaking across London Underground from January 13 features retro-styled posters with arresting headlines.

“Christians make better lovers,” one explains–because “love one another” is “written into” the Christian code.“Another dating website? ” a second reads while the third boldly declares: “God knew you would see this.” Christian Connection is the U.

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Anmeldung über: [email protected]ünchner Künstlerhaus, Lenbachplatz 8 Eröffnung des Symposiums Maja Grassinger Begrüßung Hans-Georg Küppers, Kulturreferent der Landeshauptstadt München Grußwort Michael Brenner/Andreas Heusler Einführung Lion Feuchtwangers München.

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