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And by this I don’t mean to praise or value anything specific in their incarnations of masculinity, rather I mean that when one watches Dwayne Johnson or Zac Efron, it’s as if they are working at every fraction of a second to scream in reminder to you “I AM A MAN! Johnson’s instagram is a running tribute to the inflated absurdity of his sweat-drenched lifestyle.

Masculinity is rarely sillier than in a Dwayne Johnson movie, the actor’s mind-boggling physique dominating every frame, each new performance somehow more muscled and over-the-top than before.

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Unnamed adoptive parents Lachlan Luthor (paternal grandfather, deceased)Eliza Luthor (paternal grandmother, deceased)Lionel Luthor (illegitimate father, deceased)Pamela Jenkins (mother, deceased)Lex Luthor (half-brother) Julian Luthor (half-brother, deceased)Lucas Luthor (half-brother)Conner Kent ("brother", "son") Tess Mercer (born Lutessa Lena Luthor) is Lex Luthor's former protégée and half-sister and Lionel Luthor's illegitimate daughter.

Shortly after Lex's disappearance during a private expedition to the Arctic, Tess was given control over all his projects and his finances, inheriting the role of acting CEO of Luthor Corp and publisher of the Daily Planet.

Efron, though not as fully the author of his own image as Dwayne Johnson, has found his greatest performances in and its equally great sequel, where he plays up an arrogant frat-boy shtick, with peeks to the insecurities underneath, to absolute comic gold.

Both allow us to look at hyper-masculinity as something laughable and campy, a cathartic moment we rarely get elsewhere. I went to the theater confidently discarding the film’s low Rotten Tomatoes score- “it’s just that mainstream critics don’t understand camp,” I foolishly convinced myself.

She diverted some of the devotion that she'd had for Lex onto Clark, despite using unconventional methods to prove it.

For a long time, Tess was dedicated to maintaining the Luthors' legacy and was completely loyal to Lex, whom she considered a personal mentor.

Not so with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron (and to a lesser extent Chris Hemsworth).

” It’s a function of the danger men in real life often pose that masculinity isn’t something we can easily mock or laugh at.

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