Free adult chat line in mn - Updating blob fields in mssql

The same search is running on "doc" files saved in binary format in database.

WHERE catalog ID = 1"; Prepared Statement pstmt = conn.prepare Statement(sql String); // I get an error with this code: //

SQLException: [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for // JDBC][SQLServer]Operand type clash: varbinary is incompatible with ntext Binary Stream(1, fis, file Length); Typically, the creation of a blob is done by inserting an empty blob into the database...

on the Message Board earlier today in respect to how you can get Image values in and out of a SQL Server database and I thought I’d repost this here with a little more information.

VFP 9 makes it a lot easier to work with Image/Blob data types than previous versions because it has native support for a binary datatype.

insert into my_table (key, blob_value) values (12345, EMPTY_BLOB()); Then, you retrieve the blob back out of the database and update it.

I don't know how portable the EMPTY_BLOB() syntax is, as I've only used it in Oracle, but maybe you could just put a default value of EMPTY_BLOB (or whatever your db supports) onto your column definition.One of the issues in previous versions of VFP has always been talking to SQL Server image\binary data.Fox Pro wants to convert any binary data into a General field when it returns it and sending data in has to be done with binary field types.In the past I had some nasty workarounds for this which involved creating a temporary cursor and modifying the general field physically on disk to turn it into a regular binary memo to read the data.I also did this to write the data although writing is actually easier. --- I added a loop script to it for a bunch of images I needed to put into my db...-----------------------------------DECLARE @img String varchar(80)DECLARE @insert String varchar(3000)SET @img Number = 1WHILE @img Number < 101BEGINSET @img String = 'E:\images\Picture' CONVERT(varchar,@img Number) '.jpg'SET @insert String = N'INSERT INTO images(image Data) SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET(BULK N''' @img String ''', SINGLE_BLOB) as temp Img'EXEC(@insert String)SET @img Number = @img Number 1ENDGO---------------------------------Again, Thanks for the post Best Regards What do u mean by Add a table alias for the OPENROWSET function. i am a noob in SQLSelect * from OPENROWSET(BULK N'D:\aa.gif', SINGLE_BLOB) as image') as image' is compulsory in above cannot negate it Hi, I have a varbinary(max) column in my database table in which i am saving "test.docx" file (remember it;s a docx file, not doc).

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