Updating current record oracle

Fields("mp Sales Rank Tier1") ' I happen to still use the DAO often.vb6coder14, with the DAO, it's possible to have the recordset sitting on a non-record, and that's exactly the case when you initially open a recordset.When the error is raised, an alert is issued to the alert log and DBMS_SQL becomes inoperable for the life of the session.

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We are the midst of a mission critical implementation that involves an active-active setup.

We have chosen Golden Gate to manage the distribution of data between the two sites (soon to be three).

If you also want to avoid that, do something like "If rs Ctrl Rec.

Record Count It's been a while since I have done DAO, so these are only observations, but here it goes..

Native Dynamic SQL is an alternative to PL/SQL differs somewhat from other common programming languages, such as C.

For example, addresses (also called pointers) are not user-visible in PL/SQL. When the second batch is fetched in the loop, the rows go to positions 0 to 9; and so on. DATE_TABLE; indx NUMBER := 10; BEGIN c := DBMS_SQL. PARSE(c, 'select * from multi_tab order by 1', DBMS_SQL.

Since this was a contrived test case, the fix was fairly simple.

We simply wanted to skip the transaction on each database and continue with replicat processing.

This enables you to create more general-purpose procedures. DEFINE_ARRAY(c, 4, d_tab2, 5, indx); d := DBMS_SQL.

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