Updating knob tube wiring yourself

If so, and you don’t properly upgrade your home’s electrical wiring, you could be putting yourself at risk for an electrical fire.

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The NEC has the force of law only when local or state governments adopt it.

Massachusetts has adopted the National Electrical Code as the law, with some significant changes and additions.

The lights come on when you flip the switch, the TV works, and the refrigerator keeps food cold.

That means the electrical wiring must be fine, right? There may be times, especially if your house is more than 40 years old, when you need to upgrade electrical wiring for safety, or because the existing wiring no longer meets your family’s power needs.

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Obviously I can cut the power while I'm doing the fishing, but I also wonder if the wiring is easily damaged.

2) in the attic, there are places where the wiring is exposed and looks very brittle. If I were to go up there and put in fiberglas bats for insulation, do I need to take any extra precautions to keep from disturbing the wiring?

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