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The KB article included a sample script that could be used to automate password changes; combining the given stsadm commands into a batch script that accepted a username and password as input parameters.

The script assumed that all services on the farm were running with the same domain account, which may be a standard configuration for a standalone development server, but is not realistic in a production Share Point Farm.

I've gone to File, Manage, Passwords, and then it asks me to enter the acct name and old password.

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Important: For Two Password Mode users, resetting either Login Password, or Mailbox Password, will switch you to Single Password Mode.

When unattended access is set up for a customer's computer, having a stored password allows the agent to bypass the login screen without needing to enter (or have knowledge of) the customer's password.

In this scenario with Share Point 2007, password changes required the Share Point Administrator to: In this scenario, with 10 accounts to be updated on 5 servers, there are 50 passwords that need to be updated with STSADM or through Central Administration.

This required a significant amount of manual work, and was prone to human error in entering the STSADM commands required.

There is not a Share Point 2010 equivalent to the “How to change service accounts and service account passwords in Share Point Server 2007 and in Windows Share Point Services 3.0” article, due to some significant improvements that have been introduced to allow service accounts and passwords to be easily managed in Share Point farms of all sizes.

updating passwordi just recently have been able to recover and convert my filemaker 5 files to filemaker 10 compatability. how do i know go back and add the passwords back to the files?When you change your password for your EUI account you need to also manually change/update it in your Mac's Keychain.You can either update the password in the current Keychain or delete the password from the Keychain.Once the old password is deleted, the first time you try to access that network resource (e.g.Today’s entry in the “Sean’s simple question about why a KB article had not been updated leads to a lot of research and learning” post is courtesy of managed accounts and password changes with Share Point 2010.Resetting your password will make it impossible to read your existing emails (due to the encryption that we use to protect your data).

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