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Luckily, EA releases free roster updates throughout the season and they have already been added to the latest revision of the roster. We explore what has been added to make this year's game …

Madden NFL is a game series developed by EA Sports.

USgamer Community Question: What Is Your Favorite Game of E3 2017? Arms Introduces Its First New Fighter, Entering the Ring Next Month The next addition to the roster will be familiar to those who play Arms.

The Final Fantasy XII Team Will Consider Another Ivalice Game With the Right Feedback Start writing all your letters if you want another game set in the world of Final Fantasy XII.

Considering it will be the weekend it is within reason that it could end up actually being a longer wait but that is the most recent information that has been provided.

Should any new developments take place regarding the status of this roster I will post the news.

A Love Letter to All the Terrible Merch of E3 2017 E3's first public year had some pretty terrible shirts, and even a spatula.

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