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Last night, I was updating several applications and, to pass the time, I decided to watch one of my i Tunes purchased movies. I discovered that although my movie files were gone, their i Tunes listings had reappeared. So my purchases were still there, just off my computer.

If you're interested in an easy way to check your own files, find an i Tunes Plus file on your computer.

Then choose to open it with a text editor (Windows Notepad works fine).

It may be easier to check your DRM-free harvest on another computer you own.

After turning on i Tunes Match there, wait for it to scan that machine's music, then search for an i Tunes Minus track.

But that takes time, leaves you with lower audio quality than what Apple, Amazon and other stores sell now, and won't work if your computer, like most laptops, lacks an optical drive to burn CDs.

Apple used to let you upgrade songs from its old DRMed format to "i Tunes Plus" files with no DRM and better sound quality (a "bit rate" of 256 kilobits per second instead of 128 kbps) for 30 cents each.

Now you can purchase songs that have twice the audio resolution -- i.e. The audio format used is still AAC, only the encoding level has changed.

I am not now, nor have I ever been an i Tunes Match customer.

Many players support this format, however, and you can create MP3 versions of the files within i Tunes if you want to, so don't worry -- it's like petrol versus diesel in the car world, except your player's engine won't break if you put the wrong format in. Upgrading your library to i Tunes Plus As all your previous i Tunes downloads are now available in DRM-free format (or will be within the next few weeks), Apple lets you upgrade them -- at a cost.

It'll cost you 20p per song, or 25 per cent of the cost of the album, which is usually £2 a pop. But not just about the cost: Apple doesn't let you choose which songs you upgrade -- you either upgrade it all, or not at all.

Be warned: your account information is stored in every file Although i Tunes Plus files feature no copy protection, files downloaded still contain the email address you have registered with i Tunes.

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