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This chapter focuses primarily on the x86 architecture. The BIOS controls not only the first step of the boot process, but also provides the lowest level interface to peripheral devices.For this reason it is written into read-only, permanent memory and is always available for use.

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The output is listed in the order the system was probed.

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Today's systems provide dynamic reconfiguration so that the system can keep running.

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Make sure that your disc burning software is capable of burning discs from image files.

Although this is true of most disc burning software, exceptions exist.

In particular, note that the disc burning feature built into Windows XP and Windows Vista cannot burn DVDs; and that earlier Windows operating systems did not have any disc burning capability installed by default at all.

Therefore, if your computer has a Windows operating system prior to Windows 7 installed on it, you need separate software for this task.

Once loaded, the BIOS tests the system, looks for and checks peripherals, and then locates a valid device with which to boot the system.

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