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You can hard-code list items in a VBA procedure to populate the secondary (dependent) list.Or, you can retrieve the appropriate list items from a database.

SEE: Download: Build your Excel skills with these 10 power tips (Tech Republic)To illustrate this dependent list solution, we'll populate a primary list with region items: North, South, East, and West.

Then, we'll use a VBA Select Case statement to populate a second list with a few states from the selected region.

Use this table to select the appropriate page control type to associate with the corresponding field in your record definition: This section applies to both edit boxes and long edit boxes.

Other controls may contain only a few, if any, of the properties listed in the following tables.

If you already added a field to your page and associated it with a record definition, the system uses the last record definition name that you entered. If the field is a related display field that contains a long name or short name from the Translate Table, use PSXLATDEFN as the record definition name.

One of the main benefits of electronic forms is their dynamic nature.A form need not be created with one set of data and then left that way indefinitely.An electronic form once wired to a back-end data source can be dynamically updated at any time.A common use of this concept is having a dropdown list in a dynamic PDF pre-populate with data from a database.To illustrate the process we will create a simple table in a My Sql database.See the step-by-step instructions to see the latest screenshots—the names of the some of the options and settings have changed.

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