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Asus' version of Xandros is very similar to the original distribution, with an application switcher for a desktop, and no "ksmserver" or "kicker" package. Not having these packages installed is a crippling problem for Asus' version of Xandros.Fortunately, installing these packages and getting your Asus Eee PC to boot the full KDE desktop is manageable.Xandros Desktop Professional is a complete, full-featured Linux desktop operating system and application suite for your business. The GIMP image editor is a sophisticated tool for both novices and professionals.

The included firewall, anti-virus, file-system protector and Xandros Networks Update assess your vulnerabilities and ensure that you have the best and most current protection. Find your files, emails and other data quickly using keywords or phrases. Browse the Web quickly while eliminating frustrating spyware and pop-ups. Connect to Scalix, Exchange and other corporate mail servers.

This step configures the development environment and checks that your system is ready to install HPLIP.

Xandros Desktop OS version is the ideal Linux distribution if you're migrating from Microsoft Windows.

Xandros Desktop is an intuitive graphical environment that works right out of the box and offers unrivaled compatibility with Microsoft Windows.

Despite the fact that I had no Ethernet cable plugged into the laptop's onboard NIC, and that Xandros detected the wireless card correctly, it didn't try setting up the network using wireless.

I had to configure that manually after the install had finished.

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For specific information on using ./configure and the different options please go here.

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