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of SQL: it uses much less space than XML for serializing data, it’s what most apps are now using for API communication, and when web developing I love that it is already valid Java Script (no need to deserialize! I had this same type of excitement for XML in SQL Server, but after using it the excitement quickly turned into disappointment: having to constantly use the XML datatype was inconvenient (when most XML data I used was already stored in nvarchar(max) columns) and I never found the syntax of OPENXML() to be that intuitive.Everything I’ve done with JSON in SQL Server 2016 so far has been great.Then, you must open the database in the development environment on a computer with the relevant codepage and compile all objects. You must create a full backup of the old database in the SQL Server.

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This hotfix plug-in can also be customized to apply non-Microsoft driver, firmware, and BIOS updates. If the cumulative updates are general distribution release updates or LDR updates, CAU can apply them. CAU supports the following updating modes, both of which allow updates to be scheduled: Self-updating Enables the cluster to update itself according to a defined profile and a regular schedule, such as during a monthly maintenance window.

You can also start a Self-Updating Run on demand at any time.

For more information, see How to: Add Translated Strings for Conflicting Text Encoding Formats.

If you upgrade a database using a different codepage, Microsoft Dynamics NAV must remove incorrect metadata characters to complete the data upgrade.

As such, CAU can coordinate updating for any clustered application that is configured in a Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2012 failover cluster. By default, CAU is configured with a plug-in that uses the Windows Update Agent (WUA) utility APIs on the cluster nodes.

The WUA infrastructure can be configured to point to Microsoft Update and Windows Update or to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) as its source of updates. By default, CAU is configured with a plug-in that uses the Windows Update Agent (WUA) utility APIs on the cluster nodes.

When you use conflicting codepages, some characters will not display in captions, and you might not be able to access the upgraded database.

Optionally, you can export the captions before the upgrade.

You use data conversion tools provided with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 to convert the old data with the old version’s table and field structure, so that it functions together with the new version’s table and field structure.

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