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I suggest reading the documentation on the date format to see why you're making the wrong assumption.

The below suggested date validation (from another note) does NOT work for ALL formats and date inputs.function validate Date($date, $format = 'Y-m-d H:i:s')A couple of examples should suffice as a warning to test carefully and particularly not to use code that allows passing in of just any date format string:var_dump(validate Date('7/01/16', 'n/j/y')); # false but should be truevar_dump(validate Date('7/1/16', 'm/d/y')); # false but should be true Sorry, I don't have a suggested correction.

I am in the UK, and my Excel is set to UK local defaults. I am creating an Excel document where users will have to enter dates. Now I am no Excel slouch but this is driving me batty!

//-------------------------------------------------------------------------- function check Entered Dates(stdateval,endateval) //-------------------------------------------------------------------------- //This function validates the date for MM/DD/YYYY format.

//-------------------------------------------------------------------------- function is Valid Date(date Str) //These functions go between the tags.

@whitej71 In the example you gave, it is correctly returning false.

The function example is comparing a string to a known date format.

When Symfony fails to parse the date, it adds the validation error. For example, the The data transformer internally changes that into the string that's printed in the box.

Now, the bad news: do you remember adding any validation? Well, that's what's happening: Symfony expects the date in one format, but the widget is generating something else. Basically, the job of a data transformer is to transform the data that's inside of your PHP code to a format that's visible to your user.Is there a way to stop people filling in date fields manually?since there is a calendar, there not only is no need for manual entry but it also avoids input error.. either to validate both the calendar date & manual entry (entered in dd/mm/yyyy) Or to prevent users from typing inside the date field (& use the calendar!When I try to validate a date, it will either accept the manual date, or the calendar date but never both. ) (or prevent them from typing anything other than dd/mm/yyyy) ('ve tried regular expressions but it does not accept the value from the calendar) Thanks hopefully! 99% of the time, you don't know or care that this is happening. Examples Here are good examples of syntax highlighting Description Present answer options in reverse order Available options Description Place questions into a specified randomization group, all questions included in the specified group will appear in a random order.

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