Validating numeric input

Depending upon your specific application you can also choose to ignore spaces and allow for 'e' notation.

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In the object inspector window (F11) there is an events tab and if you click there one of the events will be "On Keypress".

Double click there and you get the skeleton of a method that is called whenever the user enters a character in the edit box.

HTML 5 (does not require Java Script, and also does not behave in standard way in many modern browsers.) More complex validation options If you want to do some other validation bits and pieces, this could be handy: But don't forget you still // Allow: backspace, delete, tab, escape, enter and . == -1 || // Allow: Ctrl A (Code == 65 && (Key === true || Key === true)) || // Allow: Ctrl C (Code == 67 && (Key === true || Key === true)) || // Allow: Ctrl X (Code == 88 && (Key === true || Key === true)) || // Allow: home, end, left, right (Code The input type number is not meant to be used to make your input only accept numbers.

It's meant for inputs which specify a 'number of items'.

For most purposes, this will be sufficient and has the advantages of both speed and clarity.$Bool Result = empty(trim($Test, ' -.,0123456789')); If the $Test contains any character that is not a valid part of a number the remaining string will not be you want to be more restrictive of the ' -' then you can use a separate trim for that and nest it.

ordinal('asdf'); returns false for the exact same reason. signed integers on a 32-bit system (and the same issue on a 64-bit system using 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF because of two's compliment, anything higher will become a negative number): ordinal(0x7FFFFFFF ); returns 2147483647th (which is correct) ordinal(0x7FFFFFFF 1); returns false.*/ if speed is important, the liberal use of regex should be avoided, especially complex ones like those here.

We can use this exit to check that the entered character is valid.

I have created a form-based program that needs some input validation.

You can click the sample number to test: Since the thousands and decimal separators are various, the field should use type="text" attribute.

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