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Hannah Bronfman scrolls an ornately manicured finger across the i Phone displaying her new app, Beautified, which helps New York ladies find last-minute spa and salon appointments, and clicks the icon for “Blowout.” “I mean,” she says with wide-eyed sincerity as a list of available salons pops up onscreen, “this could revolutionize the way women book beauty appointments!

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“When I first started dating Brendan, I told him the concept of my first start-up, and he thought it was a genius idea and he connected me with a few of his friends,” says Bronfman. And I’ve definitely helped him expand into different fields he might not even have thought he was passionate about or even thought there was a business opportunity there.”That mutual encouragement has turned Bronfman and Fallis into genuine multihyphenates.

A New York native, Bronfman is also a model and the face of several global ad campaigns, a health guru with an impressive social media following, the host of an online show for Pop Sugar, and a cocreator of the app Beautified, which allows users to book last-minute beauty and wellness appointments. The Canadian is also a highly sought-after model for brands like Banana Republic and Revlon, and he gained worldwide attention when he created the track "Day and All Night" (with vocals by Kate Moss) for Stuart Weitzman’s Fall 2013 campaign.

Ben arrives first, his 4-year-old son slung over his shoulder like a shawl. Their sister Vanessa, a singer and actress, dabbled in New York real estate before recently moving to Hollywood to fulfill a number of dreams.

“He swore he wasn’t too tired to come,” he says, attempting to arrange Ikyhyd Edward Arular Bronfman, whose mother is the singer M. “I want to be the cute, black, Jewish Jon Favreau,” she tells me over the phone. All of this would make them seem laughably dilettantish if they weren’t so incredibly earnest.

Many in Manhattan were scandalized to see them parading around town together when he was still married to Stacey,' the source said.

International DJs Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis’s passion for music is matched only by their passion for each other.

“We just know it’s going to be a great story,” she says.

We’re sitting in Acme, a restaurant in which Hannah is an investor, waiting for her mother and her brother Ben to arrive.

He was a member of rock band The Exit (going by the name Ben Brewer) and he is currently a member of the music collective Teachers and co-founder of the Green Owl record label.

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