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Screen Updating-Property does not work properly in Excel 2016 / Win 10. The screen is updated after each step in VBA, although the Screen Updating is set to False. It would be nice to have this bug fixed as quickly as possible, since I have hundreds of Makros who depend on this property.

Hi all, I have a macro that executes ~200 queries which modify the data, create some tables etc.

It may sound like something that only an experienced VBA programmer can do, but in this article I’m going to show you how you can do this yourself, starting with a basic procedure to output data from within your own application to a webpage.

The first step, no matter how you want to make use of the ability to input/output your own HTML via VBA, is to enable the Microsoft Internet Controls reference.

The coordinates of the mouse pointer are provided inherently as X and Y variables.

We then pass on these variables to the chart’s Get Chart Element function.

VBA can be used to make interactive charts that respond to mouse movements.

In this article we first start of by making a simple bar chart embedded in a chart sheet and then use the mouse move event of the chart sheet to make it interactive.

For the purpose of this exercise, we take the list of top 15 billionaires and sort it based on their networth.

We then create a simple bar chart using the networth as the pot values and the names as X-Axis lables.

The macro runs when the user clicks a button on a form.

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