Vfp nolock when updating sql

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SQL Server provides a much greater level of control over how transactions occur.

As usual, having more control means there is more to know.

Author: Stan Geiger MSSQLTips is giving away a 5-day conference pass and a $2500 USD travel allowance to the "SQL Server LIVE - Orlando, FL - November 12-17, 2017" to one lucky database professional. Author: Edgewood Solutions In a BI project, data is the currency and analytics is the merchandise.

Without having the right type, amount and shape of data, one cannot get the right kind of analytics.

I am currently doing something similar - I have to make invoice transactions from a Fox Pro-based system available through a web application that will be on a remote, hosted VM running SQL Server.

I will answer your first point based on what I'm doing - you can decide for yourself whether it would work for you!

Would I be better off interfacing my web app directly with the x Base DB?

Some problems that immediately spring to mind with this approach are networking issues between the office and the cloud-based VM and potential security vulnerabilities from opening up the ERP directly to the internet.

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