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Also see Embed Chat Roulette page and Webcam Chat Logs with Snapshots .

There is also a Joomla chatroulette clone that is easy to install as Joomla component and provides simple implementation for Joomla users.

Being based on 2 Way Video Chat - a professional reliable 1 on 1 webcam chat solution, there are some important functional improvements.

Obviously the probability that comes out red or green is 50%...

But maybe we will notice that this probability is influenced by our intention... I explain everything on videochat and I will send our collected data in excel. Meeting time: Between 6.30 and 8.30 of the morning (Rome time, 1 London time) every day except sunday and whenever I'm online!

I need to develop an application for online learning and live teaching.

I google and found Big Blue Button which is used by most of the live teaching platform. I want to implement video chat in laravel5.3, to do video chat I switched to

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I currently have a video chat app working on web(Flash) and android via Adobe AIR, it uses Adobe Media Server (RTMP) as backend for video streaming and shared objects, my question is, if there is ... We need to create a video chat allowing clients to have a live video conversation with the doctor, and us, to save it somewhere on ...

I am building an android application having video call facilities. My problem is when I press back button I want to finish the activity and show a small video ...

The Video Chat activity will provide, first and foremost, a way for children to communicate with a live audio and video connection.

This activity will be limited to simple one to one interaction, but this limitation also allows for an extremely simple interface which will make video chats easy for them to initiate and participate in.

Version 9 of Videochat has 640x480 resolution and 7.5 frames per second. They should each see the XO icon of the other pop up in the bottom of the screen.

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