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By choosing to enter this website you are affirming under oath and penalties of perjury pursuant to Title 28 U. Live webcams of Vietnam online give an opportunity to make a virtual tour in this easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.United States military involvement and troop strength grew rapidly after 1964 - at its highest level in 1968, with over 500,000 troops on the ground. It's nearly impossible to encapsulate an event of such scale in a handful of photographs, but here, 35 years after the end of the conflict, is my attempt. (AP Photo/Horst Faas) Injured Vietnamese receive aid as they lie on the street after a bomb explosion outside the U. (KSU Photo by Doug Moore/REUTERS) #(1 of 3) Bombs with a mixture of napalm and white phosphorus jelly dropped by Vietnamese AF Skyraider bombers explode amidst homes and in front of the Cao Dai temple in the outskirts of Trang Bang, June 8, 1972.

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They decided to invite the pastors holding a training session in the hospital to see what they could do with their child.

A day after the pastors prayed over Mai, her parents were stunned when they saw their child stand up and walk about one metre before she was brought back to her bed.

Her parents asked the pastors to pray once more for her before they return to their home in Dak Lak province.

"Not long after that, Mai was able to stand, walk and run like a normal child," one of the pastors told CAM. This is a great miracle, that God healed a girl with a birth defect in her feet." The story didn't end there.

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Virtual travel and online trip to Vietnam, live stream from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in real time.

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