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A Terre des Hommes researcher chats in a public chat room where users solicit fake 10-year-old Sweetie from the Philippines, top in a computer-generated image, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Monday Nov. (AP / Peter Dejong) A sting operation has turned up dozens of Canadians among thousands of adults willing to pay to watch a 10-year-old Filipino girl perform sex acts on a webcam, an international children's rights group said Monday.

The group Terres des Hommes, operating out of Amsterdam, said 54 Canadians were among more than 1,000 adults from 71 countries identified during the 10-week project. As a backup, the four researchers created a 3-D animation of "Sweetie," though it was seldom necessary to use it, to convince the men they were dealing with a real child.

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The sting involved setting up a pretend 10-year-old girl Filipino girl named "Sweetie," who signed on to various public chat rooms that cater to teens and children. C., was sentenced to five years for using a webcam to direct a Chinese father to sexually assault his young son.

In all, the researchers identified more than 1,000 predators -- including 254 Americans and 110 Brits -- saying they would have been able to ID far more if they had more time and resources.

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