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This is what you'll learn playing through the single-player campaign in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV.

The series cheered (and criticized) for glorifying violence has taken an unexpected turn: it's gone legit.

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If you’re talking to a woman that you like and she touches her hair, smiles and you and maintains eye contact, it doesn’t always mean that she’s signalling her sexual interest in you.

Sometimes, a woman will touch her hair while smiling and making eye contact because she is being polite and friendly.

Oh sure, you'll still blow up cop cars, run down innocent civilians, bang hookers, assist drug dealers and lowlifes and do many, many other bad deeds, but at a cost to main character Niko Bellic's very soul.

GTA IV gives us characters and a world with a level of depth previously unseen in gaming and elevates its story from a mere shoot-em-up to an Oscar-caliber drama.

Every facet of Rockstar's new masterpiece is worthy of applause.

Without question, Grand Theft Auto IV is the best game since Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

You can find those impressions on the final page of this review.

Criminals are an ugly, cowardly lot more worthy of pity and disdain than admiration.

Different people deal with serious problems in different ways.

It's hard to predict how knowing you have cancer will affect you.

Beating Bowel Cancer offers support services to people with bowel cancer.

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