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Anthony Williams, playing saxophone for James Brown and Jackie Wilson while his mother, the late Dr. People will see me in a way they have never seen me before on the acting side, which is truly where I started. I made a record in my bedroom back in the day when it was still under the Tonex brand. If they have a particular affinity for the arts, then we will provide mentorship in that area. So, there is a different type of audacity and liberation with B. If I want to accomplish something in life, I don't pray to God for things, but I acknowledge God for being thankful and for just being grateful.

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In so doing perhaps he became the first well-known openly gay gospel artist and like Gaga believes homosexuals are “born this way.” talks to the artist about his more-than-unconventional stance on sexuality and how this newly embraced freedom has influenced his new persona: ESSENCE.com: Is your gospel career a thing of the past? Unfortunately I was pigeonholed into that genre even though I felt that gospel music could very much so cross over to mainstream. I think that the people’s interests were at both brands heart, but the represent the culmination of raw art, audacity and hard work.

Formidably and exclusively, yeah that part is over. I think because they connect with the truth and even if they don’t understand everything. This brand represents the essence of the Black Sheep, the person who pretty much has all the odds against him, that phoenix rising aura about them.

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It’s just when you bring confirmation to some things, then it becomes controversial.

It’s interesting to see people coming up to me and apologizing for the way the handles the whole coming out process, how they turned their backs or initially reacted. Slade glides through the corridors of the Doubletree Hotel in New York, all eyes are locked on him.His in-your-face persona yields the kind of attention that triggers either curiosity or confusion. You’ll have more luck finding him as B Slade, waving a rainbow striped flag at a Gay Pride parade than testifying in church circles.Crossing over in more ways than one, the entertainer has dead bolted his life as a minister and re-emerged as a recording activist with “Diesel,” his first pop/soul release (which he says is inspired by the “hoodspah” that enabled strong Black men to do what they like).If you are still on the page where the annoying ad was (or still is) displayed, then proceed to fill out this form.

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