Who is benzino dating

It seems the two ladies are at odds because Jennifer is allegedly dating Claudia Jordan’s ex-husband Datari Turner.

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#thiandztakeoverla #davidtutera #babyzino #Althea Heart #Benzino #LA A photo posted by Althea "thi thi" Heart (@luvheraltheaheart) on Oct 8, 2015 at pm PDT According to Vh1, the couple initially released the news of the pregnancy and then later retracted their story.

But, ultimately they finally decided to reveal that they are expecting.

Claudia decided to sit down with Jen to discuss the elephant in the room but Williams wasn’t receptive.

She mentioned that Turner hated Jordan and in addition, she brought up Jordan’s rumors about her sexual past.

Apparently, the two married after a drunken night in Vegas but split up due to Turner allegedly cheating on Jordan.

Now, he’s allegedly dating her co-star Jennifer Williams.

The former "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" stars announced in July they're expecting their first child together.

but we couldn't resist after seeing Benzino's maritime-themed pose with GF Althea Eaton's ever expanding uterus.

couple Althea Heart and Benzino are beendunzo yet again. You get upset when I post up videos I did back in the day which people posted up I reposted but you didn’t care when I went on national tv acting like you didn’t know about Stevie when you did for your story line tho making me look crazy?

The most recent very public blow up comes courtesy of Althea, who called out ‘Zino in a lengthy Instagram message in which she calls him a “stupid ass” and a “clown” who is “disrespectful to me as the mother of your child! And Now that’s the most important thing in my life. You wanna then post up your old videos of you with Lisa Ray like I care.

Althea Heart has been continuously creating noise on her Instagram after she posts several messages that may be complementary to what people think -- breakup. According to Bossip, this might conclude their undeniable split rumors. Meanwhile, Benzino and Althea are currently hitting the roads and they have gone out for a date, which the rapper reveals on his Instagram photos here and here.

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