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It's fascinating to see, as the stripper lifestyle begins to wear on Mike, him grow increasingly dependent on Joanna. I was skeptical when Olivia was first cast, believing that her role was yet another permutation of her “hot but low-key girl hanging with the boys” niche.Considering that we meet Cody Horn's character Brooke — older sister of The Kid (Alex Pettyfer), who clearly has her shit together — soon after, it seems clear that Brooke is going to eclipse Joanna.The impression I always got from Olivia Munn's character Joanna is that she's meant to be sort of a throwaway.

“Loved promoting our special little movie, #Burning Bodhi last night w my beautiful costar @ch,” Kaley wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the two.

Cody posted a still from the movie on her account, writing, “#Burning Bodhi opens in select theaters FRIDAY!

"The Office" just inked a deal with Cody Horn, a model-turned-actress who appeared on "Rescue Me" and in the movie "Twelve." A catwalk queen at Dunder Mifflin?

That seems way beyond what a casting directive apparently ordered: a girl who was "Scranton hot." But then again: if Horn wears her hair like she did in the movie "Flipped," she might fit in just fine.

Again, the casting folks delivered men who were game to explore this commentary on male objectification, and director Steven Soderbergh coaxed winning performances out of them. This is trickier, since the film's emotional heft rests on these male friendships and the women's impact is more tangential.

There's also only two main ladies, Olivia Munn and Cody Horn, who wind up being two sides of the same coin when it comes to Mike's love life.

Now that the Finals are heating up, it is time to pick your favorites from the 2016 NBA Playoffs.

Picking the favorite team goes along the same lines of choosing a favorite player from this NBA season.

So, let us know all about those great Kevin Love stats that are working great for the Cavs this year.

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