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In this moment from Couples Therapy, Kaylin opened up about Joe being in love with both her and Tahiry.

#Pure Gold @sirthebaptist thank you for taking me with you around #NYC yesterday. #Also , your music has truly changed my life….can't wait for everyone to feel your truth… #Saint Sinner #Sir The Baptist #Bible #Life Changer #Deliver Me A post shared by b r n d Y (@4everbrandy) on Hot couple alert! The R&B singer is reportedly dating Inspirational artist Sir the Baptist.

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I am not alone in my experience as a failed chill girl.

Needless to say, my aformentioned relationship didn't last.

“Straight off the #Heaven Copter with #HIM,” she captioned the photo (see below). For those who don’t know who Sir the Baptist is — he’s a self-proclaimed “Hip-Hop Chaplain” from Chicago who is creating music to uplift people and bring spirituality to their daily lives.

Baptist, whose real name is William James Stokes, just released a new spiritual ballad featuring his girlfriend called “Deliver Me.” The song tells the true story of his sister who suffered from physical abuse by her husband who is also the church deacon.

After some grumbling I realized that I wasn't so fond of quiet-guy after all; we were both OK how we were, just not together.

I accepted that I am not, nor will I ever be, a chill girl.

Already, British oddsmakers are entering the fray (odds are 25 to 1 that the two will be engaged).

The two former stars of Love & Hip Hop have been awfully comfortable, and the blogs have been watching.

There was the time I finished a story, looked up, smiled, and he said, unsmiling, "You're ... A chill girl is a constructed persona who can wear many (really chic) hats, but at her core, she's defined by what she is not; a chill girl does not embody steorotypical female qualities like chattiness, empathy, jealousy, and other, you know, emotions.

intense." (I just thought I was a good storyteller.) And another guy, another time, telling me to "chill out" when I asked, apparently, one too many questions. She is defined by how she interacts with men, which is to say, in a non-caring, carefree, chill way.

There are two camps, people who think Cyn can do much better than Joe and people who think Joe is the man for snagging a beauty like sometimes comedian, sometimes rapper Cyn. Are they going to appear on Love & Hip Hop together?

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