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Everyone wanted to get in on the joke about partying with the '90s host/actor/bandana-enthusiast..Cortese himself.

No doubt many of you started to wonder if you actually could hang with Mr. Since we at MTV know all about partying with him, we've put together the below quiz.

Jonathan Silverman and Dan Cortese (who co-starred together on The Single Guy) play a couple of guys who represent polar opposites among single guys- one is the timid romantic who has trouble getting girls, the other is a womanizing egomaniac who has no trouble whatsoever getting girls.

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The movie's pretty lightweight as far as plot goes, but it's one of the funniest comedies out there, and Silverman and Cortese have great chemistry as wisecracking buddies. Lee Ermey (the drill sargeant from Full Metal Jacket) has a hilarious cameo as a weird guy who tries out his creepiness on Silverman but makes the mistake of catching him on a bad night. Not much more to say about this bromantic comedy than has already been said, without spoiling the movie, but this movie is the entire reason I'm in the market for a VCR again.

I haven't watched it in years, and unfortunately, it's only available on VHS. Lenny(Silverman) is the typical nice guy who feels he met the 'right one'. Throughout their misguided attempts to get Lenny together with his perfect one, they discuss women, relationships and single life.

there's no toilet paper over here JANE (from the stall on Elaine's right) are you talking to me? I I just forgot to check so if you could just spare me some JANE no I'm sorry ELAINE what? I really wanted you to meet her she's supposed to be here tonight with her new boyfriend Tony ELAINE hmm where is Jerry sitting? I don't think so George you get no rush from bowling GEORGE rush? drop a bowl on your toe my friend, talk about a rush, you'd be throbbing, you'd see visions TONY no no no no, I'm thinking..

cause it it's two-ply I'll take one ply, one ply, one, one puny little ply, I'll take one measly ply JANE look, I don't have a square and I don't have a ply (flushing and leaving) Elaine no no, no no, don't don't, I beg you (the movie theater) JERRY (eating pop corn) hmm I love this artificial flavoring I like it better than butter I think it's more consistent JANE you would not believe what just happened to me in the bathroom JERRY what? TONY my popcorn, you were supposed to get me popcorn what? ELAINE you would not believe what just happened to me in the bathroom JANE I mean.. (Jerry's apt.) (Jerry's at his computer) (Kramer enters) KRAMER hey JERRY hey KRAMER hey guy, can I use your phone in your bedroom? KRAMER look come on, let me use it, 5 minutes, I'll pay you back huh? I looked for you, I didn't see you ELAINE I looked for you too, I was all the way over on the side JERRY oh with huh.. Tony ELAINE yeah JERRY hey hey (fooling around with his collar) ELAINE yeah, all right ok JERRY Tony, hey hey (continues fooling) ELAINE that's nice. ELAINE so I ask this woman in the stall next to me for some and she refuses! JERRY yeah ELAINE so listen, what happened last night with Jane? choked on a jujube (Jerry's car) ELAINE you know I hate to tell you this, but it's time to defrost that freezer JERRY I know, I just can't bring myself to do it meanwhile that freezer keeps getting smaller and smaller (she smiles) (Elaine looks at her watch) oh, don't wanna keep Tony waiting ELAINE hey you got a problem with Tony? George is like a school girl around him (Monk's) TONY so I said huh..

Yesterday we counted down the season’s 100 best episodes and checked back in on the crazy fifth season of Fox’s Beverly Hills, 90210; today, we’ve presented an oral history of the first season of Party of Five and our rabbit-hole investigation into the memorable and completely forgotten theme songs of that year’s rookie class; and tomorrow is all about Thursday night.

But now: Vulture’s Denise Martin flashes back to the freaking insane third season of Melrose Place with the help of the writing squad responsible for its many implausible charms.

11 episode — and somehow, former “SNL” writer John Mulaney still managed to get Hader to break character.

It’s been a long running gag between Mulaney and Hader, who created Stefon together back in 2008, for Mulaney to try his hardest to get Hader to break character.

Everyone remembers Kimberly yanking off her wig and the wedding-dress pool fight from the second season of Melrose Place. Kimberly’s creepy inner hobo-demon Henry introduces himself.

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