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“Def never thought a song of mine would be used as the theme for a once in a lifetime natural phenomenon #glowinginthedark #Solar Eclipse17,” Dove tweeted after several fans pointed it out to her over Twitter.

One fan wrote to her: “so glad that @Dove Cameron invented the eclipse!!

“Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss will serve as executive producer, along with Martin Hilton.

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From October 2005 to July 2009, he was on MTV's reality show "Run's House" alongside his mother, five siblings and his Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame father.

Diggy fought with his brothers, worried about grades, got braces and lived a seemingly normal, son-of-a-millionaire's life.

Sure, we can only speculate right now, but the posts — particularly the latest Snaps on Thomas' account — seem to be speaking for themselves.

A few days ago, Thomas posted a photo of Dove and captioned it "shy," as she peered out from behind a door.

“The Bachelor Winter Games” will premiere in February 2018, airing in conjunction with “The Bachelor” Season 22, according to ABC’s reality chief Robert Mills, who tweeted about the scheduling news Tuesday morning.

That scheduling move puts “Bachelor Winter Games” on during the Winter Olympics, which will be broadcast on NBC.

Because of the sex scandal, which will be addressed, the season was cut down and compacted, Chris Harrison explained, and "therefore the show will extend back into the real world." Season 4 will also have a live finale.

Here's the full cast: Reality Steve has been sharing his usual spoilers, and here are some updates for the short season and the finale: Before filming was stopped for the Corinne/De Mario incident, three dates had taken place:-Kristina with Dean -Robby with Raven -Matt and Jasmine Rose Ceremony #1: Jasmine gave her rose to Matt Raven to Adam Alexis to Jack Lacey to Diggy Kristina to Dean Danielle to Ben Z.

Amanda to Robby Taylor to Derek Eliminated this episode: Vinny Venteria, Alex Woytkiw, Iggy Rodriguez, and Nick Benvenutti."This is the episode where the Dean/Kristina/DLo love triangle essentially begins. Was with Kristina from the word go, they spent time together after filming was stopped, they go back to film, DLo arrives, they go on a date and, well, all hell breaks loose.

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