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Some 230-odd Cirque performers were joined by singer Jackie Evancho and performance painter David Garibaldi from “America’s Got Talent” and rapper-poet IN-Q.

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Although he remembers that there was "always a reason for a party, always music in the house," neither of his parents had a background in show business.

His father was a public relations executive with Alcan Aluminum Corporation, and his mother worked as a nurse. He sang in choirs, learned to folk dance, and also studied the martial arts.

At the time, he intended to demolish it to build a tower as a real estate investment.

Now, it will house his new venture – Lune Rouge, a company he says will be dedicated to innovation.“For me, it was absolutely…trying to come here and [not] destroy the history,” Laliberté said.“As an entrepeneur, you’re looking to clarify what is the environment in which you will be able to build the future.”Heritage Montreal says this is a new way to protect buildings with historical and architectural interest.“Usually, the government has been protecting things that are very old,” the head of Heritage Montreal, Dinu Bumbaru, said.

He is wearing a T-shirt showing his face superimposed on a character from a Soviet-era movie traditionally watched by astronauts on the eve of the space missions.

((Associated Press/Mikhail Metzel)) The activities of the astronauts in the days leading up to the launch from Baikonur, located in the bleak Central Asian steppes, are carefully choreographed, with crews repeating many of the mundane activities of their predecessors.These rituals are thought to bring good luck to missions launched from Baikonur, home of the world's oldest manned space program.Among the traditions witnessed over the years by reporters for The Associated Press, or reported in the Russian media, are the following: Carnations for Yuri Before leaving for Baikonur, crew members lay red carnations at the monuments of the first Soviet cosmonauts in Star City outside Moscow and visit the office of Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space, and write their names in the visitors book.A billion people in the world lack access to clean water and sanitation.Who better to tackle that problem than the creator of some of the most popular shows in the Nevada desert? The One Drop foundation, founded in 2007 by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte, has a straightforward mission: “ensure that water is accessible to all, today and forever.” “I chose water because as an artist, it is an important source of inspiration,” says Laliberte.Through the end of March, a 90-minute video of the show could be streamed for a donation.

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