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She left to work as an assignment editor and field reporter at the fledgling Cable News Network, where she covered the 1984 Presidential election, but she was released after a CNN executive was annoyed by her "squeaky voice".

She then worked at local affiliates in Miami and Washington DC, and won a local Emmy for a report she filed on a dating service for handicapped singles.

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“the question is what is it like to operate as though you’re drunk.” While Huffington acknowledged that Trump remains the frontrunner, his potential exhaustion might explain why he has been off his game recently.

“Last week there was a shift,” Huffington said while complimenting the tough interview Trump got from Anderson Cooper.

Since Ted Cruz presidential campaign is over, Halie, who has made a name for herself as a professional and open-minded reporter in the country, is now focused on covering the rest of the election process.

Unfortunately for Hallie, this election year has also brought some controversy.

Given her comments about him and the content of her news site, that fact is hardly what anyone would call a secret by now.

Even so, Huffington found a new way to express her distaste for Trump by guessing at a new source for his inflammatory talking points: his lack of sleep.“The only problem is he’s a 5-year-old maybe with his little hands on the nuclear button.” Watch above, via Yahoo News.Media, tech and marketing brands look forward to April Fools' Day each year.Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Talk Show Host, Journalist Nationality: United States Executive summary: CBS Evening News Katie Couric began her career in television as a low-level assistant at ABC in 1979.Her job, she has said, consisted of brewing coffee, answering phones, and occasionally fetching a ham sandwich for anchorman Frank Reynolds.might be just the thing to cut through The Donald’s crankiness with everything.

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