Talking sexchatbot - Who is kim dating with the housewives of beverly hill

Some thirty years ago now, a fledgling writer and self-admitted 'desperate housewife' herself, one Susan Harris was sitting watching the gawd-awful writing and acting being perpetrated on some daytime sudser and said, "Well, hell! " And so she sat down and started work on what became one of the most ground-breaking series of its time, SOAP. Miraculously, and not a moment too soon, the can-do spirit and twisted, blackly comic sensibility that Susan Harris blended into her frothy concoction has seeped into the consciousness and the pen of one Mr.

Bregoli shared the snap on Instagram writing 'See, I can play nice too'.

TMZ later updated that Kim didn't know who Bregoli was and that she was introduced to her as a fan, so was unaware that she'd ranted about beating up the Kardashian family earlier this year.

, finding out what she thinks of all the drama surrounding her sister Kim, her fellow cast members and more...

This season more than most before has had a lot of fun alongside the drama – what have been some of your favourite memories to look back on?

It was such a different place and the culture was amazing.

Seeing the Buddha and having to go on the Gondola was amazing, even though it was terrifying.

Kim, 36, was apparently denying photos with other patrons, but made an exception for Bregoli.

The young girl was naturally apprehensive but apparently Kim was super polite and obliging.

People always ask me how I can look forward to going on the trips with the girls, but I have to say they are some of the memories I love the most.

I got married and had children so young, so it’s nice to be able to do things like that now.

Phil - was dining at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills while Kim was there.

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