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Du coup, est-ce que le titre de l’album, Silent So Long, peut-être un genre de métaphore pour dire que faire de la musique en tant qu’Emigrate te manquait ? Kruspe (guitare & chant) : Eh bien, tout le monde peut se faire sa propre idée là-dessus [rires]. Pour moi c’était, en gros, une question de trouver le bon moment pour avoir une vision pour Emigrate, ce que je n’avais pas eu au cours de ces années.

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Lead guitarist and co-founder of German industrial band “Rammstein” along with drummer Christoph “Doom” Schneider. His mother remarried, and he did not get along with his step-father.

He told her that he couldn’t play, but she kept insisting, and Kruspe got mad and starting strumming the strings.

Sometime in 2001 he moved from Berlin to New York, where he lived for almost 10 years. Kids wrote Kiss on their notebooks, and if the teachers saw it they could get kicked out of school just for having it written on their books.’ When he was twelve, he had a Kiss poster in his room, but his step-father tore it down and destroyed it, and Richard was up all night putting it back together. At the age of sixteen, Richard Kruspe and some friends visited Czechoslovakia, where he bought a guitar.

Loved Kiss when he was younger, but his step-father tore down his Kiss poster in his room and Richard put it back together and hung it back up. Former member of Orgasm Death Gimmicks formed in the West after he escaped over the green border between Austria an Hungary. They moved to the village of Weisen when he was young. According to him, Kiss ‘represented capitalism in its purest sense, and every child was Kiss infected because they were so big.

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“So many people would flip but if the couple at some point announced they were engaged I’d be happy,” tweeted one fan.

I daughter Khira Li Lindemann Richard Zven Kruspe (born 24 June 1967) is a German musician and the lead guitarist of the German Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein, as well as the leader of the band Emigrate.

At the age of nineteen, bored with the apathetic music scene in his home town, he moved to East Berlin and lived on the Lychener Straße and “made music all day’.

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