Who is rosa mendes dating

A Canadian professional wrestler, professional wrestling valet for the WWE. According to her when she was young she was "tomboy" type and she was even suspended from school for fighting with other kids.

In starting of her career she worked as model and shew as first North American to win the "Piel Dorada".

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For more information on Bobby Schubenski and his relationship with Mendes, click through our gallery of his best Instagram pics.

Milena Roucka and Courtney Daylong aim to inspire and empower women to be in the best condition they can be, all while taking care of their little one. Photos from the official WWE website can be found here.

Because Schubenski is an athiest, Mendes believes he may not be as accepted by her mom.

Mendes and her man welcomed daughter Jordan Elizabeth Schubenski into the world this past Valentine's Day weekend, announcing the birth via Instagram with this statement to E! So let's get to know Bobby Schubenski a little bit.

Unsurprisingly, Stovall told TMZ that she has already dumped Slocum: "I was not aware of his double life with Rosa," Amber tells us adding, "I'm incredibly angry and I feel betrayed." Amber -- who says the two shared a home in Houston and have two bulldogs -- tells us, "I was blindsided by the TMZ story.

He had just flown me out to Vegas the weekend after July 4th and we made plans for him to return home to Houston at the end of August." Despite the lies, Amber insists Slocum was never violent with her ...Browse through images from World Wrestling Entertainment's former training facility, FCW. We do not claim to own any of the images in this section.© OVW.Browse through images from World Wrestling Entertainment's former training facility, OVW. We do not claim to own any of the images in this section. takes viewers behind the scenes, and into the crazy life of a WWE Diva and issues they deal with outside of the ring in this new reality series.That sounds a bit harsh to me, but I'm bet WWE are glad that they washed their hands of him when they did, as having an alleged habitual woman-beater on the roster is the last thing they want.It turns out that Slocum was not only abusive to Mendes, but was also engaged to another woman, Amber Stovall, who he had been going out with for four and a half years, and was living two lives, one in Las Vegas, where he worked as a bodyguard for celebrities and lived with Mendes, and another in Houston where he visited Stovall on weekends when Mendes was on the road for WWE.This section contains screen captures from their videos and HQ photos. Browse through photoshoots, digital images, and much more for your viewing pleasure.

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