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A message confirming his death also appeared on his Instagram account.Weiland was to play a show in Rochester, Minn., Friday evening.As of this writing, however, Weiland says he's back. I'd check into the place for a week to get cleaned up, a private hospital or facility. Sickened, drained, unable to feel—it was a feeling like you can't imagine being able to feel any emotions ever again. At some point it just becomes, you know, how to get them off your back. I believed at the time that I was born with a chemical deficiency. My basic thought was: How the hell can all you people want to keep me away from the one particular medicine that could keep me from blowing my head off?

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Here, reprinted in full, is the original story from 10 years ago, "The Devil Gives You the First Time for Free."Over the last decade, Scott Weiland established himself as the quintessential junkie rock star.

Now thirty-seven, he has to his credit several platinum albums, five drug arrests, a six-month jail stint, and uncountable attempts at rehab. In 1987, he formed the group that became Stone Temple Pilots, or STP. A couple of times I had to fly my dealer out to meet me.

See full summary » Straight-laced Jordan (Martin) is about to marry her perfect match, Peter (Snedeker) a clean-cut ambitious attorney.

Through a computer fault he's assigned the same room as Alex, a real party freak and...Christopher is an ambitious college freshman, striving to become a writer.See full summary » Inspired by a real-life condition, "Shade" is the fictional story of Laura, a woman who has lived with a debilitating genetic defect that prevents her from ever seeing the sun.See full summary » Instead of really living her life, since losing her mother at age seven, Seattle lawyer Amy Myer sticks to a ridiculously detailed time-line mother drew as a guideline in all walks of life, even love in search of marriage with 'number 7'.Despite good advice from father Bernie, aunt Rachel and uncle ray, she refuses to contemplate going steady with any of the six first steady boyfriends, even apparently perfect businessman Daniel Mc Candles.A predictable spiral ensued, culminating in an epic shitstorm of arrests, overdoses, domestic disharmony, prison, and parole violations. I mean, there are always those noble intentions in the beginning, but ultimately that's all it ever was..then, at least. It comes from my parents divorcing, you know, abandonment and all that. And I guess feeling that you caused that feeling yourself becomes its own self-perpetuating thing; it takes on a life of its own.

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