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Additional Warehouse/Studio (1,196/776 sq ft)- Soaring 2 story designed w/ Cathedral Ceiling & windows spanning 2 floors w/ Double Door Loading Dock/Attached Upper Annex. **Special Property for Entrepreneurs** House has Documented Eligibility-National Register of Historic Places: High Ceilings/Plank Flooring/Blown Glass Window/3 Exposed Fireplaces & 3 covered (6 total) Full Basement with fireplace - 5x5 w/ cooking hearth w/kettle arm.

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A-player is also out if he or she answers incorrectly.

Possible 4th bedroom option or office/den with fireplace! Bring your imagination and prepare to turn this one into your dream home.

Feb 2010 /Mar 2011 Refurbishment and alteration of an existing retail building in the centre of Scunthorpe to accommodate a new Primark store.

Property has multiple business/personal possibilities. Public Water w/ Self Cleaning EPA designed/approved Sewage System.

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