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It also works for the "Updating files..." progress bar error. page=1 TL; DR noob friendly version: This worked for me, I was finally able to log in after 1.5 days of failed attempts. Go to WTF/Find and edit SET gx Api "D3D11" to SET gx Api "D3D9" Start Launcher.Update - Possible fix for 15544 Update Okay, so I couldn't log in after the 15544 Update. If the progress bar is stuck, try it a few more times.Most of these can be solved by commonsense troubleshooting techniques, but some others are a bit more .

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maybe it's something else for me because it still just won't work =( Hope it works for everyone else, maybe I'll find something that works for me! Are you sure something else like your firewall is not blocking the connection?

You could also try to do the same but start your windows in Safe Mode with Network and run the installer.

Update: ATI has released a Catalyst 12.4a driver hotfix for the affected cards.

Please check this link for more information: the Beta, several startup issues were resolved by setting the Diablo III tools to run in Compatibility Mode.

Make sure that the box next to the addon's name is checked, and that you have the "Load out of date Add Ons" button checked in the upper right hand corner.

installers start running today (even though you can install the game, you can't play until midnight PST), a host of issues have cropped up.

I went to bed last night almost ready to give up on this, but i figured i'd try again today and see if Blizz fixed the problem, but it was the same as last night.

Your solution really did work because i can see it downloading now, so thanks alot man! I have been doing this for about an hour, following each step over and over...

The logs aren't massive so you can't miss the urls. I was using Bitdefender as my antivirus and it was causing me a lot of problems. So I switched to Norton and the problem stopped working. I accepted then deleted the whole file located in Program Data, restarted the installation and it worked.

I reset my whole pc and installed Norton immediately after. I spent six hours trying to download battlenet but this fixed it in 30 seconds.

The open beta test has begun, and everyone’s invited to download and install the app now in preparation for the switchover.

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