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There's also a reverse campaign, hoping to send San Francisco men out to New York to meet all those single ladies.So far, it seems that women are more interested in flying to San Francisco than vice versa. An event like German beer: Hand-picked startups meet high-class investors in the most candid way: Questions never asked before reveal insights never given before. Join our event series that has already made dreams come true for so many founders and investors: Matchmaking with inspiring people in a creative and fun environment.

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Mit dem Startup Dating Game hat sich NRW bei der SXSW von seiner besten Seite gezeigt: Selbstbewusst, heiter, fantasievoll, vielfältig, erfolgreich und weltoffen. Take three ambitious startups, let them pitch to one successful VC, hidden behind a wall ... The Startup Dating Game has it all: wit, laughter, entertainment - and a matchmaking like you´ve never experienced before. A direct analog synthesis (DAS) of efficiency, humor and entertainment.

Die Macher haben rund um das Format ein dichtes Netz an guten Kontakten geknüpft.

LISA: At one point millions of people were watching Slamball on TV. But creating a new global team sport like this — it hasn’t been done in more than a century… And when you set out to do something this ambitious it takes over your life.

being played in both neighborhoods and Olympic stadiums.

This is Start Up, the show about what it’s really like to start a business. MASON: Run screaming in the other direction and find anything else in life that will make you happy because this is not about like making you happy.

Mason Gordon has heard a lot of pitches for new sports over the years… This is about spending years and possibly decades banging your head against a brick wall and getting up the next day and coming back after it with the same amount fervor.

We've been told they're also working on an app for professional networking that should launch in the not-too-distant future. Basically, they try to make it so their service encourages users to spend less time online and more time actually meeting a date in person. ' with a date idea, and are then connected to other users who like the idea.

Hinge keeps it simple— at least from a user's perspective.

Apparently there's a numbers problem when it comes to dating in New York and San Francisco: San Francisco has more single men, whereas New York has more single women.

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